Royse Green Technologies manufactures innovative composite turf protection, and specialty event flooring. Our patented design is an industry leader in surface protection. Our commitment to customer service and product innovation serves as the foundation of our business. 


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 LED Tiles  


Each tile is equipped with solid-state electronic components to configure the most advanced entertainment and ground protection system.  A durable hardened textured non-slip surface provides safe traction and an integrated interlocking system holds the flooring in place under the most extreme conditions. This system is linkable with our all RGT products creating a seamless event.  Installation and removal are performed quickly with a small team using light tools. Tiles are made and assembled in the USA.  LED Tiles are energy efficient and eco-friendly.

Ground Control 

Our patented LED Turf Tiles can support the weight of heavy equipment and concert stages. The internal lighting allows photosynthesis to continue to the turfgrass uninterrupted leaving natural grass fields undamaged. The Tiles, made from thermoplastic, provide a lightweight but durable solution, ideal for use on natural grass field or artificial turf fields. Another popular use, is using the Turf Tile as a lighting fixture for dance floors, ground and area lighting, modular buildings, tents, and helicopter landing pads. 

Concert Stage

LED Turf Tiles


The Ultimate in Field Protection

Turf quality after a concert stage was in place for 5 Days