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Staging attachement.png

Turn the _Turf_Shield_  product line into a stage with is attachment. Lock the parts on the _Turf_Shield_ and it becomes stage. When used with LED_Turf_Shield the whole stage able to be illuminated. Display images with fast frame rates within the stage. The mobile stage is then palletized for transportation. The modular design allows for many sizes. Attachment comes with turf tires for best practices. Furthermore, the attachment raises the LED_Turf_Shield and make it a mobile grow light. Make a train of LED_Turf_Shields / grow lights and move around the field. Multipurpose product is a mobile grow light and a stage in one. Have concerts on your field's grow light and make the photosynthetic light go with the show! It is a revolution in stadium and event management making events more sustainable. 



Attach Stanchions right into the _Turf_Shield_  product line. For crowd guidance, sectioning off seating areas and line cues. Eliminate the need for base weights out on the field. Reduce fencing. Stanchions lock into the _Turf_Shield_ in 5 places creating flexibility in the size of the sectioned off areas.  Stanchions come with duel belts for added guidance and flexibility. 

Color: Black with Black belts. 


Pallet Attachment.png

Turn the _Turf_Shield_  product line into a pallet with is attachment. Lock the parts on the _Turf_Shield_ and it becomes a fork-able stack. Reduce storage space during the event and have the benefits of a reusable plastic pallet with this attachment. 


Calendar 44.png

RGT’s Cable Ramps provide a 1/2 inch cable pathway and is transparent so the turfgrass is still able to photosynthesize while covered.* The ramps help provide American Disabilities Act (ADA) access for carts and rolling cases.


RGT ADA Ramps.jpg

American Disabilities Act (ADA) edging for _Turf_Shield_ and _Turf_Tile_. The ramps help provide easy access of cars and rolling cases. ​


Under edge.png
45 Degree Under.png
45 Degree Under Over.png
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45 degree over.png
45 Degree Over Under.png
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