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Flat-back_Turf_Shield_™ is for protecting sensitive turf on football fields, soccer pitches, baseball fields, golf courses and parks.* It can be used on natural and synthetic turf. The durable design allows for equipment to drive on the product and still allow light to pass through. Thus, it can be left down for extended periods of time. Check out below the protection score for more information. The design and connection system minimizes worker bending, eliminates the need for loose components.

Featured Turf Protection 

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Help lower turf replacement costs

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Can help reduce hot outdoor surface areas

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Boost your facilities value

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Improve the look of your facility

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Increased height for better protection

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Customize to fit your needs

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Each Flat-back_Turf_Shield_™ is customizable with finish options of diamond or woodgrain. There is also a  wide range of color options to chose from. (Color is not for natural turf protection)

Use Turf_Shield™  to protect turf against traffic.  Also, use as a foundation for equipment storage areas to prevent muddy work environments.  Install and remove using a waist height key. Turf_Shield™ is manufactured and assembled in the USA. 


* Underlying soil structure and conditions are a factor in turf quality. RGT does not warrant turf quality.

Flat-back Turf Shield
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Wheelchair access

RGT ADA Ramps.jpg

RGT’s provides American Disabilities Act (ADA) edging compatible with the _Turf_Sheild_ product line. The ramps help provide easy access for carts and rolling cases.

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